2018 Summer Edition


Property Yield or Growth Strategy?

Business Family Law The impact of your business partner’s divorce

Serenity Now The Danna, Langkawi

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2017 Spring Edition


Hanging up the Stethoscope – A model for staying active in semi-retirement

Finding your Way – The AMA career advice service

Doctor Google – Danger or opportunity?

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2017 Winter Edition


Be The Landlord – The increasing demand for Healthcare Real Estate

Patient Centric Healthcare – An organic shift

Responsible Investing – How do you measure up?

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2017 Summer Edition


Tick Tock The Super Clock - Time is running out before super contribution restrictions kick in

Twilights Highlight - Key insights on ageing and ‘wellness’

A True FAMILY Holiday - More than meets the eye at Club Med Cherating Beach

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2016 Spring Edition


The Psychology of Tulips – Market forces & investing theory.

Super Confusion– Understanding the window of opportunity.

Family Escape – Finding sanctuary in Hong Kong.

Making Good Headway – Cure brain cancer foundation.

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2016 Winter Edition


BREXIT – A major ‘economic calamity’?

Cybercrime – The alarming incidence in medical practice

The Science of Mindfulness – Eliminating ‘overwhelm’ and frustration

The Tax Avoidance Taskforce – The ATO gets serious

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2016 Autumn Edition


The 2016 Private Practice Course Curriculum - Learn the business of being in business

7 Medical Marketing Trends... That will shape the year ahead

Philanthropy- Giving to support health and research

A Private Practice Success Story - Pulse cardiology embraces practice coaching

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2015 Spring Edition


The Surgical Audit - Improving patient outcomes 

Doctor As Patient?  - Managing the risks 

Singapore - The Unlisted Collection 

Re-imagining - The Marketing Concept in medical practice 


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2015 Winter Edition


Strategies for a Bad Day - How well does your team communicate?

A Patient-Centric Culture - Define, measure and monitor your patients' experience

Risk Management - Are you complying with Australian privacy law?

Taxation and Business Structures - All year round tax tips


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2015 Autumn Edition


Patient Communication - 12 Steps to building powerful relationships

SMSF Health Check - Medico specific super strategies

Medical Billing - Are doctors adequately equipped to manage Medicare claiming and compliance

Day Surgery Development - A two day workshop for developers and managers

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2014 Spring Edition


The Australian Doctors Spouse Network
- It's all about family

ATO Targeting Service Trusts - Are you safe?

Business Planning - A cure for procrastination

Vietnam - The hypnotic swirl of Ho Chi Minh City
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2014 Winter Edition


Biotechnology - The next gold rush?

Protecting Your Cash Flow - Insuring your key people

Privacy Legislation - Are you up to speed?

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2013/14 Summer Edition


Japanese Lessons - Experiencing excellent service, fine attention to detail and deep relaxation.

The 90 Day Business Plan - How ongoing action brings results

Purchasing Power - End-of-year finance strategies

Smart Moves - Planning to succeed with your successor

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2013 Spring Edition


Rise Of The Doctorpreneur - Medicine + business can change the world

The Gift Of Giving - How to establish a charitable foundation

Google Glass  - Wearable technology to change the face of medicine

Your People - The right staff will save time, money and energy

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2013 Winter Edition


Trading Places - Medico-legal perspective on practice succession planning

In Due Course  - Changes to self-education deductions

Optimum Results - How SEO can benefit your practice

In Profile - The Cosmetic Medicine Centre

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2013 Autumn Edition


Stop & Smell the Roses - The Quest for Work/Life Balance

Device Technologies  - Commitment to Education

Raising Standards - The Benefits of Systems, Policies and Procedures

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2012/2013 Summer Edition


Medical Practice Business Planning - An online planning tool to revolutionise project and people management in medical practice

The Business of Being in Business - The Private Practice 2013 Business & Financial Education Program

Practice Management - A spotlight on the Australian Association of Practice Managers

Tax Talk - Questions and answers on practice structures

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2012 Spring Edition


The Private Practice Equity Plan - How to attract, retain and groom your practice successors

Set To Sell - Tips for achieving an optimal sale price

Branching Out - One midwife’s journey to private practice

Cooking With Fire - George Calombaris on the business of food

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2012 Winter Edition


Practice Succession Planning - Achieving and Maximising Sale Value

Geriatric Medicine - A Bright Outlook for a Diverse Specialty

Business Planning for Medical Practice - Mapping the Future

Joining Forces - GPCE and The Private Practice - a Partnership in Business and Financial Education

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2012 Autumn Edition


Trend Alerts - The top 5 tips for medical marketing

How NRAS Works - Accessing big tax bonuses on rental investments

2012 Course Curriculum - See our Calendar of Events inside

Joining Forces - AAPM and The Private Practice - a partnership in business and financial education

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2011 Summer Edition


Group Practice - How to make joint ventures work

Day Hospitals - Building a successful business

Margin Lending - A new product for medical professionals

Cloud Computing - A silver lining for busy practitioners

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2011 Winter Edition


Cosmetic Surgery - The quest for industry recognition

Comfort Zone - Why practice design choices are essential

Unconventional Convention - East Africa medical conference

Access All Areas - How BlackBerry's new PlayBook can assist

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2011 Autumn Edition


Practice Management - How to keep embezzlement at bay

Best Practice - Work on your business with guru Gerber

Conference Call - Learning and family time in Rhodes

Professional Development - Course curriculum for 2011.

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2010 Spring Edition


Practice Management - KPIs and workplace harmony

Voice Recognition - Technology to improve efficiency

Socially Savvy - Networking options for practitioners

Superannuation - Putting super into practice.

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